The flag at Anfield The flag at Ibrox

Hillsborough Ibrox Memorial Group

The Group consists of fans of Liverpool F.C. who are also fans of Glasgow Rangers F.C. and was established in Oct. 2010.

As the 40th anniversary of the Ibrox stadium disaster approached a story was covered about 8 year old Nigel Pickup, a young Liverpool boy from Huyton, who was a fan of both Rangers and Liverpool and was attending his first and tragically last ever football game as he became the youngest to die at the Ibrox stadium disaster. As a result of this story we designed a flag to commemorate both the Hillsborough and Ibrox stadium disasters.

*The Hillsborough Ibrox Memorial Group are a totally *non* profit organization. All money raised through the store and donations are put towards charitable projects as stated in our group aims.*

Thanks must go to AFC Liverpool for making our Absent Friends CD available on their official online store.

The Rangers Supporters Assembly for their help and co-operation.

The Hillsborough Family Support Group(H.F.S.G.) for allowing us to use the eternal flame on the flag.

And also special thanks to Barmy Flags for their production of our beautiful hand stitched flag.


Following the magnificent response we created the Hillsborough Ibrox Memorial Group.